Dues Payments


Mail check or money order to CPHOA, PO Box 1141, Jenks OK 74037


Dues Questions

Submit any dues related questions on the dues contact form, the question will be sent to the board AND our accounting firm which should reply to you promptly. If you do not hear back within 2-3 business days please email theboard@churchillpark.com directly, include the date you submitted the form, and the question so we can check into your issue with the accounting firm directly.

Ownership information updates

Submit changes of ownership for annual dues notices on our contact form for updating ownership information.

Dues Increase

The initial assessment shall be $110 per lot; provided, however, that the Board of Directors may increase or decrease the assessment each year subsequent to the initial assessment year by not more than 10% per year.  Larger increases may be made with the prior consent of sixty percent (60%) of the votes of the Members entitled to vote in person or by proxy at a meeting duly called for this purpose. See Article 11 “Assessments”, Churchill Park Home Owners Assc Bylaws.